LOCMA Oilfield Consultants Ltd. is one of the international expert consulting services firms made in Mexico and Saudi Arabia for oil and gas companies. It was born in January 2013.                     

We provide experienced and professional workforce around the world in Petroleum Engineering, Drilling, Stimulation and Fracturing Technologies, Well Construction, Cementing, Wireline, Pipeline, Coiled Tubing, Back Side and all of the oilfield services for both, onshore and offshore, including professional training, sales of chemicals and renting oilfields equipment.

We are always right there where the companies need us. 


Our highly experienced team operates in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, MEXICO and worldwide and provides innovative, sustainable solutions to the most challenging projects for the oil and gas companies; we are what the companies are looking for to achieve their optimal operational balance because our knowledge and technical expertise enable upstream, midstream, downstream and, all of the oilfield services and project management to get success in today’s dynamic energy market.

We are focused exclusively on the oil and gas industry as a professional workforce, we live the business with passion, commitment with Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE).


We are accountable and we participate in the client's success because we involve our personnel's knowledge with their operations.

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