Customer Testimonials

                                                      PEMEX, The Mexico's state-owned oil company  

                                                      The attention and service that LOCMA Oilfield Consultants Ltd. team has  been fantastic! 

                                                      The crew works and dedicate full time to attend our needs, they reply emails and phone calls 24/7.

                                                      I am very well satisfied with their service quality and efficiency of their consultants, they are locals

                                                      and  international.


                                                      PEMEX will hire LOCMA employees every time we need them because of their experience at work                                                                and their commitment with safety and Environment.       

                                                      In addition, we had very good prices on their services that made us to look great on our revenues.

We strongly recommend LOCMA Oilfield Consultants Ltd. to all of the Well Services Companies.


PEMEX, The Mexico's state-owned oil company with The Administrator of Activo BN01 BURGOS 

                                                                            Eng. Luis Fernando Aguilera Naveja.



From Schlumberger Bogota Procurement Service Center Shared Services

Santiago Bueno Prado | Spot Buyer In-directs, Infrastructure & Chemicals

I had the great opportunity to work hand by hand with the representatives of LOCMA Oilfield Consultants Ltd. for a bidding process launched by Schlumberger in Mexico.

I can say that the experience was very pleasant, given the level of commitment that LOCMA has as a company. We have a complete, clear and high quality offer.

We hope to continue working together now and in the future.

Excellent work for LOCMA Oilfield Consultants Ltd.

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(13th, October 2019)



LOCMA Oilfield Consultants Ltd. Executive Vice President Miss Alejandra Guerrero in Saudi Arabia Office with President and CEO.

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                                                                                         A present from The President and CEO 

                                                                                         Eng. Octavio Lemus and EMBARK Team