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LOCMA INTERNATIONAL CLUSTER OF ENERGY is a logical place and system  of interconnected businesses, of suppliers, and associated companies in the O&G industry.

LOCMA INTERNATIONAL CLUSTER OF ENERGY is here to REPRESENT, to SPONSOR, to PROMOTE, to DEPLOY its members' services and products  in order to increase the productivity and incomes  with which companies can compete, nationally and internationally... 


Meet Our Team

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Miss Alejandra Guerrero


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Marcos Zetina Moreno


I'm Miss Alejandra Guerrero, an attorney and the President  of "LOCMA INTERNATIONAL CLUSTER OF ENERGY" launched from Mexico to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, GCC Countries and Globally.

Our Team of experts will take your company to the wonderful world of Business Growth and Expanding by driving alternative and innovated ways of organizing the value chain and creating new great opportunities in the O&G industry. 

BEng. Octavio Lemus


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Member Benefits

** As a LOCMA INTERNATIONAL CLUSTER OF ENERGY member, all companies will receive **


  1. Legal Sponsorship and Representing as a Local Entity in Saudi Arabia (you can feel confident that every move you make will be legally protected by LOCMA into Saudi).

  2. Strong and better networking.

  3. Promoting, representing and  developing members’ services and products in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Mexico and south America

  4. New International Markets  and RAPID sustainable economic GROWTH in the business of Oil and Gas.

  5. Counseling and Company direction in The KSA and GCC Countries.

  6. Expanding of services and business WITH the opening of A NEW BRANCH in Saudi Arabia and GCC Countries.

  7. Market Research in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Mexico and south America.

  8. Issuing the General Manager business visa to travel into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for meetings and visits to operations. (LOI to the Saudi embassy and support documents to apply for)

  9. Issuing the General Manager flight tickets.

  10. Accommodation, meals and transportation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


To interact with customers and providing basic or complete information about products and services that creates connections by generating and increasing attractive incomes and revenues. 


Take advantage to being part of "LOCMA INTERNATIONAL CLUSTER OF ENERGY"

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